Castro Frank Breaking the Barriers of Photography

Using his camera to rethink how life is perceived in Los Angeles, Castro Frank subverts the traditions of photographic genres in a deconstruction of contemporary life.

Legacy Building through the Performative Art of Elíseo Equihua

Los Angeles artist, DJ, and model Elíseo Equihua finds power in his queer Latinx identity as he blazes a path for his own legacy.

The Secret Life of the Chimera: Examinations of Moncho 1929’s Latest Series.

Los Angeles based painter and street artist Moncho 1929 dives deeper into his Chimera series as he challenges societal convention.

Tainted Magazine is an online publication and platform for visual creatives.

Rooted in the culture of Los Angeles, but growing a global community, Tainted Magazine features artists who share a love for pushing the boundaries of their mediums into the realm of the cinematic, experimental, and surreal.

Founded in 2018 to bring together like-minded photographers, the project has grown through acclaim by notable artists, institutions, and brands to share all modes of visionary creation.

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