Art Runway at The Beauchamp

Kei London Fine Art Agency is pleased to announce an exclusive, invitation-only art and charity event at The Beauchamp in Knightsbridge
Film Kei London 17
Film Kei London 17

At the recent private event of Kei London, a fresh concept took centre stage: an art runway. This unique approach, necessitated by the inability to hang artworks on walls, challenges the traditional art display model. Instead of being confined to static frames, the artworks came alive, delicately paraded down the runway by art models.

The charm of the art runway lies in its dynamic. As each piece approaches, it brings the art intimately close to the viewer, creating a moment of connection before it’s slowly taken away, leaving a trail of anticipation. This ebb and flow of presence and absence starkly contrast the wall-mounted pieces’ constant availability. It invites the viewer to engage in a dance of sorts, following the artwork with their gaze, moving around to catch different angles and perspectives.

This shift from static to dynamic art transforms the viewing experience. It encourages active participation, where viewers find themselves moving in sync with the art, drawn into its rhythm and story. The art runway at KL’s event didn’t just display art; it brought it to life, creating a vivid and engaging encounter that lingered long after the artwork had passed.

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Start23 14
Vampires on Vacation by Dangerosa

 Q&A with Kei London

TM: Tell us a little about Kei London Art Agency.

KL: Kei London is a dynamic and innovative agency dedicated to nurturing the careers of emerging and established artists in the fine and digital arts sectors. Our primary objective is to elevate artists’ career paths to align with their ambitions and goals. By offering unwavering support and strategic visibility, we endeavour to enhance our artists’ profiles within the artistic community, aiding their development and recognition. Kei London strives to be a beacon for artistic creativity and a conduit linking artists with broader audiences and opportunities in the constantly changing art world. We offer a platform that supports a spectrum of artistic expressions, from classical to modern.

TM: At what point did you become interested in art? What inspired the formation of Kei London Art Agency?

KL: I pursued a degree in Process Engineering and spent over 15 years as a technical and business manager. My journey into art began when I lived with an artist for a decade. I was intimately involved from the onset of her career, focusing predominantly on the business aspects of her practice, including marketing, public relations, and the business side of her art studio. After a few years, we reached a stage where she undertook commissions for Disney in Los Angeles and secured significant commissions from the Middle East. This experience afforded me a firsthand look at the life of an artist and highlighted the extensive support and assistance artists require to thrive in the art world – support that, regrettably, is often scarce. I recognised that the art industry is fraught with untapped potential, as making a sustainable living from art is daunting, leading many artists to abandon their passion. My ambition in founding Kei London Fine Art Agency was to empower artists to develop and expand their practices independently, without reliance on gallery representation.

Kei London 20
Evening Clouds by Fara Thomas

TM: What is the selection process for artists and exhibitions at your agency, and how do you ensure a diverse representation of styles and voices?

KL: As a talent agency, our primary responsibility is to identify artists with remarkable potential and assist them in gaining broader exposure and recognition among a wider audience. This process can be time-consuming, and it necessitates artists’ patience. We collaborate with diverse artists, from portrait and surreal artists to resin artists, miniature painters, fashion illustrators, fine art photographers, and digital artists. We aim to meaningfully contribute to their artistic journey, which demands a shared understanding of our objectives and aspirations. Typically, we engage in a 6-month trial period with new artists to ensure mutual comprehension and to ascertain a suitable working synergy between us.

While we predominantly work with artists based in the UK—owing to the necessity of regular face-to-face meetings—we also represent artists from the US, France, and Greece, showcasing a diverse range of styles and voices within our agency.

TM: You represent some amazing artists, how do you discover such unique talent?

KL: Most of the artists we represent have contacted us directly. We receive upwards of 20 enquiries from artists weekly, and regrettably, we cannot assist everyone. We must avoid overburdening our agency with too many artists, ensuring we can dedicate sufficient attention and support to those we represent.

TM: How does Kei London foster a relationship between its artists and the wider art community, and what role does the agency play in facilitating these connections?

KL: One of our essential endeavours involves networking with individuals and businesses to uncover fitting collaboration opportunities for our artists and the agency. We actively participate in numerous events and exhibition openings, constantly seeking exciting collaboration prospects for our artists. Our database encompasses a network of over 1000 contacts within the creative industry. We aim to establish and nurture mutually beneficial relationships with them, maintaining these connections with the utmost professionalism.

TM: With the art landscape continuously evolving, how does Kei London ensure its artists and their works remain relevant and visible to both traditional and contemporary audiences?

KL: The Fine Art Agency model is a relatively new concept in the art world, yet it’s becoming increasingly significant. We draw inspiration from key players in the market, such as Larry Gagosian, Hauser & Wirth, MTArt Agency, Unit London and a few other businesses, while positioning ourselves as a lean, agile, and responsive entity. Our approach is
to innovate how art is presented globally, striving for collaborations with other creative industries to make art events more engaging and enjoyable for all participants. While we deeply respect the traditional gallery model, with its private viewings and exhibitions against white walls, we believe in enhancing this experience by integrating fashion, music, luxury, and
other creative elements, making it more entertaining and accessible to traditional and contemporary audiences.

TM: Can you discuss any upcoming projects or collaborations that Kei London is excited about and how these opportunities will benefit your artists?

KL: We are currently organizing our next art event slated for June 2024. Remarkably, this is the first time we’ve had approximately three months to prepare, allowing ample time to curate a spectacular show. These events are primarily designed as informal networking opportunities, with art adding an extra dimension and enriching the overall experience. Our objective is to create an enjoyable and fun atmosphere for attendees while increasing our artists’ visibility. Additionally, we’re in the planning phases for our annual art exhibition, set to take place in London around October 2024. Currently, in the curation stage, we’re enthusiastic about presenting a mix of fine and digital art, offering our artists further exposure and engagement with new and established audiences.

TM: Finally, for artists interested in joining Kei London, what is the selection process, and what qualities or commitments do you look for in potential agency artists?

KL: Artists interested in joining Kei London are encouraged to contact us via email and provide their CVs, biographies, and artist statements. We need to ascertain that we can genuinely contribute to their artistic development and leverage our network to enhance their practice. We view our relationship with artists as a collaborative partnership, akin to becoming part of a supportive family where we strive to assist and uplift each other. Honesty and transparency are paramount in our interactions; these are qualities we believe are best understood through a working relationship with our artists. As we expand our business, we aspire to assist an increasing number of artists, positioning Kei London as a pivotal hub for undiscovered talent within the creative industry.

dangerosa finders keepers
Finders Keepers by Dangerosa
andrew gow prayer of the meek 2021
Prayers of the Meek by Andrew Gow
dangerosa slow burn 2023 01
Slow Burn by Dangerosa

Kei London’s innovative art runway event is just one example of how the agency is redefining engagement with art. By turning limitations into creative opportunities, Kei London not only enhances the visibility of its artists but also enriches the cultural landscape, making art more accessible and engaging for diverse audiences. This approach underlines the agency’s commitment to being at the forefront of artistic innovation and community engagement in the contemporary art world.

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Artists | Dangerosa | Fara Thomas | Andrew Gow 


Kei London

 Fine Art Agency

To learn more about Kei London, visit their website  [link].

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