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Bad Astro Society is changing the game from NFTs to space travel with their new community of creative explorers.
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Technology today is bringing our decades of science fiction fantasies into a reality. Now, we are on the precipice of actually leaving our terrestrial world behind as commercial space travel has entered mainstream conversation. One problem – who can afford it?

That’s where Bad Astro Society comes in. Two innovative brothers teamed up to manipulate the biggest trends of today to make outer space an attainable dream without the astronomical price point. Through their NFTs and expanding collection of digital experiences, they are selling these tokens designed specifically for Bad Astro Society to grant their new owners a ticket to space. 

When talking with Tainted Magazine it is all too apparent that thinking outside the box is still too inside the box for this team. Together we dive deep into not only the tech, but the art behind the project that makes it truly unique among the visionaries of the digital, artistic, and cosmic realms.

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The Art of the Adventure Seeker

Bad Astro Society is at the intersection of all things cutting edge. The groundbreaking ways we utilize the internet and understand the art world are pushed to their very limits in this collective of individuals thriving where art and science join forces. It is creativity and accessibility at their core – making childhood dreams come to life for those outside the mega-wealth of today. Bad Astro Society is changing the way we see the world, interact with the world, and even leave this world behind altogether.

TM: Bad Astro Society is challenging a lot of presumptions surrounding the realms of technology, art, and the cosmos. Can you tell our readers what exactly Bad Astro Society is and how this project began?

 BAS: We are a community full of the crazy ones, the crypto believers, the brand builders, the partiers, and above all else, the trendsetting misfits who refuse to be bound by the imaginations of others.

 My brother and I have always wanted to be in business together, but never found the right fit. Ever since we were kids we have wanted to go to space and have loved a good adrenaline rush, but time passes and you grow up and have responsibilities you need to take care of. I have been in crypto since 2017, and he has done well for himself in the cannabis industry in Colorado. Now, we have reached a point in life where we want to do something that really helps others and have a ton of fun doing it. This last February, we started talking about something we could do together and realized NFTs (non-fungible tokens) could be a good fit. As we looked more and more into NFTs, it wasn’t long before we realized that with the growing crypto and space tourism markets there was this unique time in history that we could offer something life-changing for the average person who can’t afford a $450,000 ticket to space.

 TM: You are looking to build a base of 10,000 members. Can you tell us some of the benefits of becoming a Bad Astro Society member? 

 BAS: The unique benefit that we are offering is a future ticket to outer space. Currently, this is a $450,000 ticket with Virgin Galactic. We will be offering this for 2 ETH (Ethereum). Our goal is to be able to purchase tickets for our club members by 2030. While we work to get people there, we will be providing all sorts of other member-only benefits, such as  live events, merchandise exclusive for our members, airdrops, automatic WL for upcoming mints, and a host of other things. One of the coolest things about having a community is the limitless things you can do for and with them. We look forward to even seeing the creativity of our community help dictate some of the things we do.

 TM: An integral component of Bad Astro Society is the mission to provide people the opportunity to partake in commercial space travel. What was it that drew you to looking to find a way to take people to space?

 BAS: We have wanted to go to space since we were kids, but human beings have wanted to go to space since the beginning of our existence. Once we realized the space industry is growing and making it possible for people to travel there and we saw the current state of the crypto market, we put two and two together and realized the possibility of a community of average people being able to do what is currently reserved for the ultra-wealthy. The inner child in us shouted, “What a great time to be alive,” and we couldn’t say “no” to that kid.

 TM: Do you have any thoughts or speculations about what the role of commercial space flight might hold in the future?

 BAS: This may sound cliche, but the sky is no longer the limit. The only thing I could see stopping its advancement and growth would be an act of God. There is no question a large portion of society wants to experience space travel. As for the extent of how they want to experience that, I would argue, is vast. I don’t know everyone’s risk tolerance, but there have always been the adventure seekers who put their lives on the line to explore. That alongside the advancements in technology making it possible for more and more to go makes me speculate only on humankind’s imagination. We will have people who want to take a quick trip up and down with others who want to go mining asteroids for profit and still others who will want to go further out.

 TM: A key piece of this community is the exchange of cryptocurrency, primarily Ethereum. What drew you to this form of currency, how do you feel about its current state, and what are your thoughts on crypto as a whole when thinking five, ten, or even twenty years down the line?

 BAS: We have a very high conviction for Ethereum, and crypto in general. We only see a bright future with growing pains along the way. Once you take into account its growth rate, and the sound of the massive vacuum sucking up the world’s richest and brightest, it’s hard to believe it will fail. People build stuff and make it work, and even in the current market conditions more and more people are coming and helping to build the infrastructure. The genie is out of the bottle with crypto, and the reality that crypto can solve many of today’s monetary issues is undeniable. It makes the world more transparent, and that is a good thing. We see a future where there are many winners in crypto, and we believe ETH will be the biggest one.

 TM: Thinking about the future, past your 2030 goal of taking your members into outer space, what plans do you have for the Bad Astro Society? 

 BAS: We are starting with the first ten thousand, but we would love to reach out and offer more to those who cannot afford the 2 ETH price. This will be our next problem to solve, and we are excited to do it


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 A Meme Come True

A common thread we have seen as NFTs continue to rise is that this new form of art is accompanied by new communities bringing together enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds. Bad Astro Society jumps on the notion of democratizing art and ideas as they build a community of like-minded creative adventurers ready to embark on an extraterrestrial journey. Bad Astro Society recognizes that everyone’s story deserves to be told so this community works and grows together to do more than make the seemingly impossible possible but to celebrate life in all its shapes and forms.

TM: The membership, the space flight, and the crypto all come together around the NFT work of Bad Astro Society. Tell us more about what NFTs are available on your site. 

 BAS: Currently, we will only have the one “Bad Astro” available. As time goes we will be adding more that have other utility. We wanted to start with the hardest utility first, being a meme come true by taking people to space. Once we have the community fully built with all the NFTs/memberships sold, we will begin offering other benefits and creating the next solution discussed above, reaching out to get others the ability to go to space as well.

 TM: Can you share with us some information about the artist? Who designs these digital creations? Where did the inspiration, both aesthetically and thematically, for these NFT designs come from?

 BAS: The concept came from my brother and I, but our artist is our childhood friend. Our families have been friends for generations, and we knew we had to reach out to him for help. He brought it all to life.

 Given the story of wanting to be able to take an average person and offer them something only the rich can do, we thought the art should display that a normal person can do what the ultra wealthy can. What can an ultra wealthy person do? Anything they want really. So our art shows 4 different types of suits: a regular astronaut suit, a business suit, a hoodie, and a gorilla suit, because…why not? All the suits come in a large variety of colors and designs. Each Bad Astro has something in their hands that displays something larger than life, or something fun that brings out one’s inner kid. Lastly, each Bad Astro has their very own unique bio. We are all different, but just because we have different backgrounds doesn’t mean we can’t work together to do something great.

 TM: NFTs present a unique liminal space between art and technology, the physical and the virtual, the past and the future. Bad Astro Society has compounded this with the exploration of worlds outside our own, the terrestrial and celestial. What does your organization bring to the growing conversation about the intersection of these distinctive fields?

 BAS: These things bring communities closer by incentivizing people to work together toward a common goal. At the end of the day this makes technology, art, and travel grow exponentially. We aim for our part in this growth curve to be the future of the space ticketing industry. This might sound wild, but the math all works out, and only because of these new technologies is this even possible. We might even become the future of the travel industry in general. Say goodbye to Expedia and hello to the Bad Astro Society.


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Q&A/ With Bad Astro Society

To learn more about Bad Astro Society and how you can join the crew, visit their website [link] and social media [link].

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