Daniel Patrick: From Fashion to a Way of Life

Los Angeles-based brand Daniel Patrick is more than fashion, it’s a lifestyle.
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Los Angeles-based brand Daniel Patrick is more than fashion, it’s a lifestyle

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If somehow you are unfamiliar with Daniel Patrick, you have most definitely unknowingly encountered this explosive brand. Celebrities including Justin Bieber and Steve Aoki have been photographed wearing his contemporary, yet nostalgia imbued, fashions around the globe. Daniel Patrick, a creative with an entrepreneurial spirit from Australia, has taken his dream and made it a reality before our very eyes.

Over the past decade, Daniel Patrick relocated to Los Angeles only to become a top name to know. His collection defies the idea of trends and stays true to himself, and that is a key element to why his brand is such a success.

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James Harden in the Loop Terry Standard red sweatshirt and sweat pants

From the Southern Hemisphere to Southern California

While Daniel Patrick has become iconic as a style all his own, we can see how he has been influenced by the inescapable allure of the Southern California lifestyle. It seems that the land of the so-called ‘endless summer’ also gave way for a timeless array of clothing that heralds back to the style of the 90s without losing its contemporary edge. Emanating with authenticity, Daniel Patrick is redefining fashion from Los Angeles.

TM: Daniel Patrick has an iconic Los Angeles status, but you aren’t a native to the city. What was it that initially drew you to Los Angeles? And what about it made you want to plant your roots here, in Southern California?

DP: I grew up in Sydney, Australia and moved to LA 10 years ago. Originally I was planning to move to New York but I came to LA and it grew on me. The weather, the lifestyle, and the space attracted me and drew me in. A major plus point for me was the amazing manufacturing that can be done in Los Angeles and that was a must for me as I like to produce my clothes in the city that I live in so I can have hands on control. Another plus point is that it is 6 hours closer to Sydney than New York and New York was still just a red eye away if needed.

TM: From the clothes you design to the imagery you incorporate, your brand embodies a classic nostalgic Southern California aesthetic alluding back to the fashion of the ‘90s. What is it about this style that makes it timeless in the face of the rapidly evolving world of fashion today?

DP: I think being timeless in a rapidly evolving fashion landscape is probably easier said than done but in saying that I think we do a decent job of remaining timeless. Modern takes on classics and being true to ourselves rather than being dictated by trends and what the market is doing is a good place to start. I also think we have had the uncanny ability to be on trend without trying to be on trend. I have a knack for that. What makes it timeless? The fit, the cut, and the modern take on nostalgia done at the right time in the right way and just being true to our brand and what we see fit.

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Discovering a Dream

As a brand, Daniel Patrick has the name recognition, a beautiful methodology to approaching fashion, and a keen eye for what meets the needs of the people of today, but how did this brand get to where it is today? Patrick, as the founder, had to uncover his passion, experiment with the possibilities, and finally build himself into the institution that is before us.

TM: While you started out as an athlete, you mention that you were drawn into the world of fashion and design. Can you recall the first piece of apparel you designed and how, if at all, it relates to your label today?

DP: When I first started in fashion I started off in a darker and drapier aesthetic that was more indicative of the market at that time. I was working with a lot of leather and the first piece we completed was a stone washed Japanese leather cap sleeve long coat that had an attached scarf to it. Was really quite an interesting piece. Over the years though we have evolved as a brand and I personally have become more myself growing and maturing as a person and a designer and understanding what art is and how to elicit a response from a consumer. That being said there are still elements of that first piece in the collection today and the funny thing is I am able to gain inspiration from my archives now which is a nice place to be in.

TM: This has been an incredible journey for you so far. You have devoted the time, the effort, and made sacrifices in order to make Daniel Patrick a reality. What would you say were the major steps you took to bring your dream into the thriving brand we know today?

DP: One of the biggest steps I made was moving to America. I think that was the best choice I ever made along with marrying my wife who is a partner in the business and a big reason for our success. I recall I was working construction at the time in Australia for my uncle’s business and just decided to get on a plane to LA and make it happen and not come back and it pretty much worked out from there. Now I have been here for 10 years and am an American citizen carving out my American dream.

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Designing Towards New Horizons

The success of Daniel Patrick proves that the American Dream is not a thing of the past, it is still achievable despite the turmoil of our current era. With the inaugural decade of the brand under his belt, Patrick has acquired more than the skills and talent behind his creations, but the knowledge of what it takes to make a name for yourself amongst the noise of this modern day and age.

TM: Your brand is worn and adored by famed celebrities and athletes today. Reflecting back on the success you have found, when did you first realize you were achieving your dream for Daniel Patrick as a brand?

DP: I think I always keep an eye on the mountain so to speak and try not to dwell on the past because there is always more to achieve and further to go. So whilst we have seen success and are successful I still think we haven’t made it yet and I think that is a good place to be as it helps you avoid complacency but in saying that I also have to balance that with enjoying what success we have made and the progress we have made.

TM: Throughout your career, you have collaborated with prestigious brands and personas. Are there any exciting new collaborations happening in the near future with Daniel Patrick that you can share with the readers of Tainted Magazine?

DP: Adidas has been an exciting partnership for me personally and for the brand as well. We have a continuing partnership with Adidas and we are branching into different sports outside of basketball which I am looking forward to. So keep an eye on this space to see what we are cooking up with the three stripes. As for other collaborations I hope to have more in the works soon. Collaborations are important to the brand and in saying that they need to be the right partnership.

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Jalen Ramsey wearing 7.3M BOMBER jacket and PARACHUTE TRACK PANT

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De’Aaron Fox wearing DP BEANIE | DESERT TAN

TM: Are there any tips or pieces of advice you would like to share with any aspiring designers hoping to found their own clothing line?

DP: The biggest thing is just doing it. Believe in yourself and your vision and always strive to be better, do better and get better. There are so many things to learn and I am still learning 10 years in and will continue to learn.

TM: You are an inspiration for all those striving to make a dream a reality. Can you tell us what your dream is for the future of your brand?

DP: I want to be a lifestyle brand. We have come so far in the past 10 years but I feel we have so far that we can go for sure. I am excited to open more stores, create even better designs and form more meaningful partnerships that are authentic to me as a person and us as a brand. Also expanding our product offering. I’d like to think the sky is the limit.

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Daniel Patrick’s rejection of conformity and defiance of contentment has kept his stylings fresh. As he continues to grow his self-named brand, we all witness the power of reinvention, taking your life into your own hands, and the value of making a bet on ourselves.



Daniel Patrick

From Fashion to a Way of Life

To learn more about the Daniel Patrick brand and his upcoming projects visit his website [link] and social media [link].

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Photo’s of Daniel Patrick by Castro Frank

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