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Francesca Monte has become an international sensation as an Alt-Pop musician whose otherworldly essence entrances her listeners in a veil of mysticism that somehow touches on our core human desires but also our fears
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Getting to know the artist skyrocketing Italian Alt-Pop sensation Francesca Monte as she enters the next era of her musical journey.

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Francesca Monte has become an international sensation as an Alt-Pop musician whose otherworldly essence entrances her listeners in a veil of mysticism that somehow touches on our core human desires but also our fears. Accompanied by her artistic sensibilities; art, fashion, film, amongst others; Monte is an experiential force changing the way we understand the role of the musician in today’s industry.

Her songs embody an inherent vulnerability that is countered by the strength of her vocals, arresting power of her lyrics, and fortitude of each melody. Embracing a stigmatized sense of fragility, she inspires all those with troubled souls to find love and change. On the eve of her new single, “All Day All Night” out December 17th let’s take some time to get to know the artistic venture that led Monte to this exciting evolutionary stage of her musical journey.

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The Rise of Francesca Monte

Today, with millions of streams and an ever growing following, Francesca Monte has performed around the world in places like the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and traversing Europe multiple times over. But where did this blazing star come from?

 Monte built her career beginning at the young age of 14. The now globally known star of Pop, Alt-Pop and Electronic music began by playing the piano. As she explored her creative nature through song, she quickly developed a passion for songwriting. She was a prominent member of the group Komminuet which brought her talents to the world through music competitions such as “The Voice of Italy” and her finale spot on “X Factor 8 Italy”. 

Despite these successes, Monte knew she needed to pursue her own career path and artistic direction. She debuted as a solo artist in 2015 with her single “Domenica”, a song that held its own at the number one position of pop charts. Her career has provided her the opportunity to work with countless music icons of the genre. At only 17 years old she was in Dallas alongside international Buddy Miles. She went on to produce the song “Tonight (Hit Mania Special Edition)” by DJ Vincent Arena and launched a remix of the song “Don’t Go” with DJ Kevs.

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While she is a singer, a songwriter, a composer, and a producer what her true title should be is creative visionary. Her first self produced EP, “Una Cattiva Ragazza”, reached number 4 on Italy’s pop charts leading to her 2019 album  “Alièn” under London based record Label Rotbaum Records and Fade to Music Publishing. The album reached number 1 on iTunes electronic charts and allowed Monte to explore her multidisciplinary artistic passions through a collateral film that complemented the album. In the past year, she has released a series of incredible singles, signaling the next phase of her artistic development. “Hello Monsters”, “Little Girl”, “Boy”, “Vertigo”, and most recently “The One For Me” have proven that nothing can slow down Francesca Monte’s momentum. 

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Musical Metamorphosis

While her musical achievements gained her a substantial following, she has used her platform to explore other passions. Her experimentations in fashion, visual mediums like film, and experiential art forms has led to her success beyond the airwaves as a social media influencer and even a brand ambassador. However, these artistic ventures culminate in a singular mission for Monte, exploring the intricacies of the human spirit. 

Monte’s poetic soul emanates a message of trial and tribulation matched by passion and soul-wrenching romance. She dives into the dualities that we experience in love’s wake. How can we balance good and evil? Can we reconcile the logical from the illogical? How do we feel safe while willing to risk it all? As she lays bare her emotions in an investigation of these existential dichotomies, she forces her listeners to question what love means to them. While we crave love, how can we achieve a genuine and authentic experience when we cannot accept ourselves and our truths? She asks us to break down the preconceived notions of how to love.

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Francesca Monte is embracing these universal themes in her latest single “All Day All Night”. Not only did Monte write this newest destined-to-be hit herself, but it represents Monte’s undeniable creative spirit. The song is a further exploration of her musical career being a catalyst for creating innovative works in a multitude of artistic mediums. For the new single, she collaborated with emerging fashion designer Pasquale De Lise. We have witnessed de Lise’s work coming to life through a highly personalized narrative approach that explores the intricacies of identity. This approach is the ideal pairing for Monte’s artistic approach, bringing the identities within her musical stories new depths. Together, they translate the deeper meanings of her lyrics into new forms. There becomes a coordinated audible and visual stylistic evolution. Her ethereal presence becomes accentuated through a combination of gender fluid and transformable garments. “All Day All Night” becomes an experience of metamorphoses.

“All Day All Night” is available  on all digital platforms. Listen here .



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Makeup Artist: Hilary Ruggiero
IG: hilaryruggiero.mua
WB: hilaryruggieromua
Retoucher: Lidia Santangelo
IG: lidiasantangelo_ph
Fine Artist: Francesca Monte
IG: francescamonteofficial
Photographer: Renzo Raviello
IG: renzoraviello

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