Halim Flowers takes over Una Casa Privada

Halim Flowers unveiled his latest body of work at Una Casa Privada located in the Hollywood Hills.
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This week, Halim Flowers unveiled his latest body of work at Una Casa Privada, a prestigious private residence showroom curated by Una Malan, nestled in the picturesque Hollywood Hills. Flowers’ transition from adversity to acclaimed artist is widely recognized, having endured 22 years of imprisonment following a conviction of two life sentences during his teenage years. Amidst his incarceration, he discovered solace and artistic expression through poetry and visual art, converting his challenges into a source of creative inspiration.

Inspired by his life journey, Flowers’ artwork is characterized by vibrant hues, dynamic textures, and evocative storytelling, reflecting his unwavering resilience and offering deep insights into human endurance and the transformative influence of hope. The exhibition, coinciding with the Frieze LA, surpassed conventional artistic presentation, serving as a testament to human strength and metamorphosis, marking a significant milestone in Flowers’ artistic odyssey.

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Una Malan, founder of Una Casa Privada and renowned for her discerning vision and commitment to spotlighting exceptional talent, emphasized the significance of Flowers’ art and personal journey. In Malan’s words, the artist’s creations invite the public to engage with art that is not only visually captivating but also deeply meaningful, encouraging exploration of the profound impact of art as a means of overcoming adversity.

Finally, in an exciting partnership with ReWeaveLA, Flowers debuted a limited edition series of tote bags and apparel, each adorned with his distinctive artwork. This fusion of art, fashion, and social awareness establishes a tangible connection for enthusiasts to Flowers’ narrative of transformation and optimism.

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During the opening night, the guests indulged in bespoke cocktails and hors d’oeuvres crafted by Chef David as they wandered through Una Casa Privada, immersing themselves in a live painting session by Halim. The evening culminated with the artist sharing his personal journey and his collaborative efforts with Una Casa Privada.

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Halim Flowers


To learn more about Halim Flowers, visit his Instagram [link].

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