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Explore life’s complexities through captured moments of shadow and light on a monochromatic canvas, reflecting the harmony of highs and lows on our philosophical path.
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As shadows and light dance upon the monochromatic canvas, we are invited to explore the deeper layers of existence. These glamorously captured moments serve as windows into the intricate interplay of life’s complexities, mirroring the subtle harmony between the highs and lows we encounter on our philosophical path.

Each photograph becomes a vessel carrying the duality of human nature, where confidence and vulnerability coexist, revealing the essence of our shared humanity. Join us as we venture beyond the surface, where every image becomes a question, an invitation to delve deeper into the enigma of existence, and a testament to the timeless contemplation of the human soul.

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Creative Director/Female Model/Retoucher: Yif Chen @EMG
Photographer: Jordan Cortes
@ jordan.cortess

Yif Chen

Model / Creative Director

To learn more about Yif Chen, visit her Instagram [link].

Tainted Magazine Le 12
Litmus by Nain Maslun
Tainted Magazine Nain Maslun 05

Litmus by Nain Maslun

Editorial shoot by Nain Maslun-The mixture between humans and gods of the sea

Tainted Magazine Nelly Dreidt cover


Photographer Nelly Dreidt, shares her latest editorial shoot inspired by the

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