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On November 2, 2021, NFT Magazine will be hosting Crypto Art Fair at Times Square, New York. 

A state-of-the-art, 15,000 square foot billboard with a high definition LED screen capable of full motion video, wraps around the corner of a building in Times Square, capturing impressions on two streets in different directions. Artists’ work will be displayed there throughout the day. 

Over 70 top tier artists will be participating, including Alex Christodoulou, Alexa Meade, Andreas Wannerstedt, Android Jones, Annibale Siconolfi, Antoni Tudisco, Clay Weishaar, David McLeod, Eduard Mykhailov, Federico Clapis, Kidmograph, Klarens, Madebystudiojq, Marc Tudisco, Marco Mori, Ondrej Zunka, Roger Kilimanjaro, Shane F3D, Steven Baltay, Ted’s Little Dream, Vexx, and many others. 

NFT Magazine is also partnering with SuperWorld and Pollinate to provide an AR (augmented reality) experience in Times Square in addition to their billboard display. Artworks will be anchored to locations in Times Square and will remain there for two days for spectators to view through the SuperWorld app. 

NFT Magazine was founded in 2020 by brothers Rodni and Xhois Baja, with the aim of becoming the definitive resource for crypto art and spotlighting both emerging and renowned, established artists. Since their inception, their Instagram page has rapidly and naturally grown to over 160k followers, including many high profile figures in the art and entertainment industry. NFT Magazine is currently working on an editorial expansion.



Crypto Art Fair:

For information about Crypto Art Fair, please visit here.

Follow NFT Magazine on Instagram: @nft.magazine 

NFT Magazine Crypto Art Fair Billboard Aeforia


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