Yohey Maeda tainted magazine 08
Suits by Sato Nakatsuji
Yohey Maeda tainted magazine 07
Knit Tops、Skirt、Leg Warmer 237 (fumina) Belt Aoi Wanaka Pants Natsumi Okumura
Yohey Maeda tainted magazine 09
Dress Kanako Kakimoto
Yohey Maeda tainted magazine 11
Knit Dress Taiga Kanaya
Yohey Maeda tainted magazine 12
Knit Dress, Hisui Hiroko Ito
Yohey Maeda tainted magazine 04
Tops Kanako Kakimoto Skirt Natsumi Okumura
Yohey Maeda tainted magazine 02
Setup Aoi Wanaka, Tops Kanako Kakimoto, Skirt Natsumi Okumura, Coat Akihide Nakachi
Yohey Maeda tainted magazine 05
Knit Dress Taiga Kanaya

Stepping out into the darkness, lost in the transition,
There should be a way out but I can’t see the light anywhere,
Isolation is the way to escape, escape to where you belong,
And the night is alight with fire,
And the night is alight with fire.



Yohey Maeda


Photographer: Yohey Maeda
IG: johan_id_
Assistant: Daisuke Minoshima
IG: minoru2.0
Stylist: MIDORI
IG: midoriworld.stylist
Hair & Makeup: AKI MURAMATSU
IG: aki__muramatsu
Model: SAKI @sophie.models
IG: sakiii4444
Photo Editor: Moriya Kyoda
IG: kyoda.63

Yohey Maeda tainted magazine 03
Daria Troitskaia tainted magazine 08 1

Daria Troitskaia | The Sabotage

Photographer Daria Troitskaia features her latest body of work titled “The Sabotage” highlighting the human emotions and beauty within the pain.

jori tainted magazine editorial 08

Jori Goh | Timeline

Jori Goh is a visual artist who started his journey drawing and practicing other mediums of art. He ventured into portrait photograpjy and now works out of his studio.

Alexander Campbell tainted magazine 12

Alexander Campbell | Fire&Ice

Alexander Campbell features their latest fashion editorial titled “Fire&Ice.” Featuring top model Melanie Lahaie Villeneuve.


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